Industrial and Brick Scrubbing Systems

Industrial and Brick Scrubbing Systems

industrial pollution is a big problem in whole world, National Green Tribunal and CPCB are worried about this pollution , Our company providing different type of and modified Wet Scrubbers as per project. India is a growing country and here is Lot of Clay Bricks industry, they are making a major role in pollution , we are committed for ZERO pollution, So we make a unique wet scrubber for Clay Brick industry.

During the thermal pyrolysis of waste tyres, wood, coal and pyrolytic gas are used as fuel, which could result in the release of sulfur dioxide in the flue-gas causing environmental nuisance. To prevent the release of sulfur dioxide into the environment, a system called flue-gas desulfurization can be used.

The waste tyre recycling plant could be easily equipped with a flue-gas desulfurization unit. Some common methods available for flue-gas desulfurization are as following:

1 - Wet scrubbing: uses slurry of alkaline sorbent (limestone or lime)
2 - Spray-dry scrubbing: uses sorbent slurries
3 - Wet sulfuric acid process: it removes sulfur as sulfuric acid
4 - SNOX flue gas desulfurization: it removes SO2, NOx & PM from flue gases
5 - Dry sorbent injection system
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