Bio Organic Manure


Waste is an unmanaged resource. This is a very good initiative under the “SWACHH BHARAT ABHIYAN” for the processing of Green/Wet waste.

Our Company PRITHVI GROUP works in line for the same initiative and we manufacture and provide Composting Machines as well as provide many sorts of Environmental Services along with Waste Management. We specialize in providing complete solutions in composting wet food waste capacity varying from 25 kgs/day to 02 metric tons/day using Fully Automatic/Semi-Automatic Composting Machines.

The Product Brand Name is SYNERGY.


SYNERGY is an Automatic and highly compact Composting Machine where special kind of micro-organisms is used to breakdown & decompose the we waste fed in it. The entire process is aerobic, natural and biological. Our special microorganisms thrive in high temperature and are effective even in high acidic or salty conditions. The SYNERGY has a 'U-shaped' composting tank, with a humidity sensor, heater, mixing blades and an exhaust system.


When organic waste is added to it, moisture is sensed by the humidity sensor, due to which the heater turns ON and the composting tank gets heated. Due to this, the water content in the organic waste is evaporated and it goes out to the atmosphere as water vapour through the exhaust system. As any organic waste contains 70-80% water content, we achieve 70-80% volume reduction at this stage itself. At the same time, our special micro-organisms then decompose the organic waste into compost, and this happens within 24 hours. That's how we achieve 85-90% volume reduction.

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